The more you try to be special the further you get from the truth. So much suffering and mental illness have come from this desire to be special. Instead of deriving perverse pleasure from the fact that someone does not have what you have, if you genuinely make the effort to become one with everything, this internal struggle will completely go away. If you recognize your uniqueness and also every other being’s uniqueness, you can neither become less nor more than anyone else.
Sadhguru (via thebigelectron)


Oh mountains, you make us feel so impossibly small. Nature Valley contributor furstyphoto explores the peaks and valleys of the Pacific Northwest.

In his own words: “The Mount Baker Wilderness in Washington State is one of the many best-kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest. With its endless hiking trails and sights to see, I was lucky to catch the last few sunny days of summer. Pro Tip: Coffee tastes much better in the mountains.”

Animals can teach you the state of no-mind. Silence is an incredible teacher. Silence, when you are at home… silence out in nature. Simply to become aware of that dimension… there is a shift inside you. Stillness arises the moment you become aware of silence, because the mind is noise. So you use that as your teacher. Silence teaches you that state. You only have to be open to it.
Echkart Tolle (via flowgently)